SOHO east - Whiskers N Paws 毛孩聖誕送暖行動 Operation Santa Paws

SOHO east 首次參加了由Whiskers N Paws (WNP) 舉辦的「毛孩聖誕送暖行動」,以行動幫助更多收容所的動物。SOHO east joined the "Operation Santa Paws" which is organizd by Whiskers N Paws (WNP) for supporting the shelter animals.

SOHO east 捐款回饋 Donation Reward


登記時間 Registration period: 19/12/2022 - 15/2/2023

為支持是次活動,凡捐款達$150至受惠機構,並上載捐款者之有效單據至SOHO east 手機應用程式的活動頁面,即可獲得蘇豪東SOHO east 指定餐廳之$150餐飲優惠,詳情請看如下。Donators who donate HK$150 or above in selected organization via WNP Operation Santa Paws 2022 and keep a valid receipt. Upload it via SOHO east specific Activity page and Earn HK$150 Dining eCoupon of SOHO east designated restaurants. Details as follow:

登記流程 Registration Procedure

1. 手機應用程式登記成為會員 Download mobile App to be member

現有會員請跳至下一步 Current member please skip to next step

1. 下載 SOHO east 手機應用程式 Download SOHO east mobile App點擊以下按鈕,或在Apple App Store或Google Play Store搜尋「SOHO east」Press the button below or search 'SOHO east' in Apple App Store / Google Play Store

2. 輸入可接收SMS短訊的手機號碼 Enter your mobile number

3. 輸入姓名 Enter your name

4. 輸入發送至手機的SMS驗證碼 Enter the SMS code

5. 完成登記 Registration complete

2. 成功登記後,打開活動頁面,由即日至2023年1月15日,上載其中一間指定愛護動物組織捐款單據,該單據必須出示交易日期 (2022年12月7日至2023年1月1日期間)及 捐款金額達$150,名額有限,先到先得。After successful completion of member registration, open "Activity" page and Upload one of the designated shelter organization's receipt. A receipt need to be showen a transaction date (7 Dec 2022 - 1 Jan 2023) & donation amount at least HK$150, limited quotas, first come first serve.

3. 成功遞交表格、經確認資料無誤後,我們將於七個工作天內派發$150電子餐飲優惠券至閣下的 SOHO east 手機應用程式帳戶內After successful submission of form, we will be distributing a HK$150 eCoupon to your SOHO east App account after confirmation of all information within 7 business days

4. 查看電子優惠券 Check eCoupon

1. 登入 SOHO east 手機程式 Login SOHO east App2. 點擊電子優惠券 Click 'e-Coupon'

5. 使用電子優惠券 Use of eCoupon

1. 點擊使用的電子優惠券 Click the eCoupon

2. 向餐廳工作人員索取相關優惠 QR code
Please ask the restaurant staff for corresponding redemption QR code

3. 按下「兌換優惠」後使用閣下的手機進行掃描,
Click 'redeem' and scan it with your phone,
show the staff your transaction code until they record down

優惠受條款約束,詳情參見手機程式內電子優惠券的條款Terms & conditions apply, please refer to T31&C of e-Coupon in the App

活動受條款及細則約束 Terms and Conditions Apply.

● 每名SOHOeast會員每次只可提交指定受惠機構之一間組織的捐款單據一次,同一張捐款單據不能重覆使用。● Each SOHO east member only can submit this application page with ONE selected organization ‘s donation receipt at once. Same donation receipt cannot duplicated usage.● 電子優惠券只可於指定餐廳,由2023年1月2日至3月31日(不包括1月21-25日及2月14日)使用。 ● E-Coupon can only be used in selected restaurants from 2 Jan to 31 March 2023 (blackout date: 21-25 Jan, 14 Feb 2023).● 電子優惠券乃先到先得,換完即止。● E-Coupon is provided on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.● 於任何情況下,均不能作出電子優惠券補發。● In any situation, this e-Coupon will not be reissued.● 用於登記會員的電話號碼必需為香港(+852)電話號碼,否則將未能完成登記。● The phone number for registration must be Hong Kong number (+852), otherwise the registration could not be completed.● 嘉華地產有限公司保留隨時修改活動及電子優惠券條款及細則,而不作事先通知。● K. Wah Real Estates Co., Ltd. reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the activity and e-Coupon without prior notice.● 嘉華地產有限公司保留此優惠的最終決定權。● K. Wah Real Estates Co., Ltd. reserves its discretion on this benefit.● 每位參加者最多可獲得電子優惠券乙張。● Each participant can have maximum one e-Coupon.